This is The Charity Experiment


The Charity Experiment is the most efficient way to give what you can afford to highly effective charitable organizations every month.


The Charity Experiment was born out of a strong desire to do something and I am confident that I am not alone. We may feel that our individual contributions are insignificant, but by pooling our resources we are able to harness economies of scale. The result is a significant impact for the greatest possible good. 

Removing the major barriers to entry for both new and seasoned donors, The Charity Experiment allows you to focus on what's important: making an impact.

If you have ever asked any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

If you have ever asked any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

72% of donors would give more to charitable organizations if their finances allowed it. *

The Charity Experiment allows you the opportunity to give as little as $.50/monthan amount that most might not even notice is missing from their bank account.

Manage your giving by easily changing the amount, pausing, and resuming your subscription at any time. You'll also receive a tax deductible receipt with every transaction + an annual summary.


65% would give more if they knew the impact of their donations. *

Each TCE-approved charity has gone through extensive philanthropic research to determine the quality of the organization and to ensure that each donation will do as much real, tangible good as possible. 

You'll receive email updates centered around how our donation may be used by the charity that we've selected for the month. The Charity Experiment will raise awareness around the organization's cause area through our social channels.


*statistics from Fidelity Charitable

Nobody made a greater mistake than he
who did nothing because he could do only a little.
— Edmund Burke

How it works


Get involved

Every month, we nominate three worthy charitable organizations for our members to support. 

Each organization goes through an extensive research process to ensure that each donation will do as much real, tangible good as possible.

Choose a cause that resonates with you


Give only what you can afford

Aristotle once wrote: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This is the principle that The Charity Experiment is founded on.

Know that your contribution goes further than ever by joining our community of like-minded humanitarians.

Choose an amount that is feasible for you


Do good

We pool all of the donations collected over the course of a month and make one contribution to a highly worthwhile charitable organization.

We publish content around the chosen charity to raise both awareness and capital, encouraging users to become even further involved.

Learn more about effective altruism


Research-based organizations like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, The Life You Can Save, and Animal Charity Evaluators provide highly valuable information regarding the efficacy, financial transparency, and measurable good performed by every organization nominated by The Charity Experiment.

The principles that the effective altruism movement center around provide important north star objectives for The Charity Experiment. A typical charitable organization found under the effective altruism umbrella is unquestionably important, generally neglected, and tractable.

Interested in learning more about the Effective Altruism movement? Check out our Resources page. 


Getting Involved

Read about and cast your vote for the charitable organization set to receive our inaugural monthly donation.


Determine and commit to a dollar amount
that makes sense for you.

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