Abby’s House Helps Women and Children Heal


In honor of Women’s History Month,
The Charity Experiment is committing
our March experiment to Abby’s House.

Located in Worcester Massachusetts, Abby’s House has been helping women and children reclaim, rebuild, and transform their lives for over 43 years. Opened in 1976, Abby’s House has provided shelter to nearly 11,500 families experiencing homelessness and helped over 13,000 families throughout New England lead self-directed lives filled with dignity and hope. As one of the first shelters in the United States designed specifically to address the needs of women, Abby’s House provides a warm, welcoming, and safe place for women and children experiencing homelessness.

The 501(c)3 non-profit organization serves an important role in the city’s efforts to combat homelessness and help women and children overcome past traumas. Managing 78 units of property, Abby’s House serves as the city’s largest provider of affordable housing and is committed to ending homelessness.

The non-profit is a community services bedrock in Central Massachusetts and serves some of the city’s most vulnerable populations. The vast majority of Abby’s House residents qualify as low-income and are either underemployed or unemployed with over 50% of residents experiencing homelessness and 65% of residents having experienced domestic abuse and other trauma.

Abby’s House addresses homelessness by providing shelter and helping women recognize inner strength and abilities with respect and without judgment. In addition to providing affordable housing, Abby’s House serves as a conduit for empowerment by connecting residents with crucial services such as job training, education, child care, and others enabling women to set and achieve goals to reclaim their lives.

With a successful track record spanning over four decades, the organization recently underwent $16.2m affordable housing renovation to better serve women and children by providing healthcare services, ADA compliant access, and updated accommodations.

We always hope that there is going to be a future where there isn’t a need for Abby’s House and there isn’t a need for shelter but until that day comes, we’re committed to being here for the women that need us.
— Stephanie Page, Executive Director

The Charity Experiment is proud to nominate Abby’s House for our March campaign based on its commitment to ending homelessness and its ability to successfully help women and children reclaim, rebuild, and transform their lives.

The organization received the gold seal of transparency from GuideStar and scored an impressive 91% rating on Charity Navigator based on its financial transparency, programming impact, and overall effectiveness.


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