Drop in the Bucket Harnesses Water to Cultivate Wave of Empowerment


In honor of Earth Day and environmental awareness, The Charity Experiment is nominating Drop in the Bucket for our April campaign. Headquartered in Los Angeles California, Drop in the Bucket is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on building wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa, enabling youth to fully harness the life-changing power of an education. Through their innovative approach, Drop in the Bucket’s goal is to provide schools and communities with the tools they need to improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality, which are key to helping communities move themselves out of poverty.

Following a trip to Uganda in 2006, Drop in the Bucket founder Stacie Travis realized that the majority of health ailments affecting sub-Saharan African communities were directly related to the water they were drinking, so the group from Los Angeles decided to ask their friends to help get a well built for one of the villages they were about to visit. Since then, Drop in the Bucket has built over 350 wells throughout the area.


Drop in the Bucket has worked in hundreds of villages in East Africa building wells and sanitation systems at schools as well as facilitating programs that promote health, sanitation and community involvement in maintaining wells. Water wells serve as a cost-effective and long-term solution for community development and empowerment since access to clean water is vital for health, sanitation, and human development. Every year 1.4 million children die from diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation which adds up to 4,000 children dying every day or one child every 20 seconds. All of these deaths are easily preventable by simply providing clean water and sanitation. Drop in the Bucket’s work represents a systematic and innovative approach to human empowerment by providing the resources and tools to help communities and individuals lead productive lives.

The Charity Experiment is proud to nominate Drop in the Bucket for our April campaign based on their impact metrics, financial transparency, and overall effectiveness. The organization spends over 82% of total funding on clean water programming and water well development and maintains a 5-star rating by Great Non-Profits and Pure Charity.