Clean Air Task Force: Our September Campaign


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According to climate science expert reports, the rate of man-made climate change is accelerating. As a global community, it is in our best interest to reduce the number of harmful pollutants that have negative environmental and health effects. According to the World Economic Forum, increasing air pollution resulted in “4 million deaths worldwide in 2012” and will continue unless environmental policies and practices are changed.


In an effort to combat the harmful effects of climate change, The Charity Experiment has nominated Clean Air Task Force (CATF) for our September campaign.

CATF has been a long standing and instrumental 501c3 approved non-governmental organization advocating for environmental regulations and business practices designed to the reduce the quantity and rate at which toxic emissions and pollutants emerge from oil, gas, diesel, methane, and shipping industries. Since its inception in 1996, the organization has focused on fighting and defending policies for cleaner air and healthier environments for everyone.

Specifically, CATF employs scientific research, public education, and policy/legal advocacy efforts to safeguard against the harmful impacts of climate change while developing and deploying climate-protecting technologies.

CATF’s mission is to efficiently and effectively advocate on behalf of climate change policies and solutions. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts the organization maintains a national and international reach by operating in Washington D.C., Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, and Beijing, China. The organization has recently begun efforts to bring their climate change advocacy approach to India.

As climate change continues to affect the Earth’s climate and environment, it is imperative that lawmakers and communities begin utilizing climate-protecting technologies and mitigate the deleterious effects of climate change.

The Charity Experiment has nominated Clean Air Task Force for our September campaign to give you a tangible and efficient way to make a positive impact.

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