A Subscription to Philanthropy

We've got a subscription plan for everything—our music, movies, books, makeup, dinner plans, razor blades, and a whole lot more.

If you're anything like me, you might have anywhere between $10 and $50 each month dedicated to subscription services—like Netflix and Spotify.


We think giving to the best charities in the world should be just as easy as subscribing to Netflix—and now it is. Choose the plan that's right for you and let us take care of the rest.

Better for you, better for our charities.

Roughly 90% of charities' income comes from one-off donations, making it difficult to predict revenue and plan for the future. Consistency is key when it comes to nonprofit longevity. 

We believe in high-impact philanthropy. If we can alleviate fundraising pressure for the organizations that we partner with, we will be putting these charities in a position to continue doing what they do best: making the world a significantly better place.


Our subscriptions to philanthropy offer:



In your first year, your $60 could:

  • Provide a school meal program to a childfor one year or
  • Deworm 665 children or
  • Provide safe water to 61 community members for one year or
  • Provide a household with seeds and tools for farming.


In your first year, your $120 could:

  • Provide 8 pairs of glasses to people in developing countries or restore eyesight for 2 people with curable blindness who cannot afford surgery or

  • Protect 244 children from schistosomiasis for one year, preventing many life-threatening conditions or

  • Provide 461 people with food-based micronutrient fortification for one year.


In your first year, your $240 could:

  • Provide 12 years of healthy life to women, children and families through disease prevention, maternal health, and family planning or
  • Serve 126 Ugandans with vital health products and services through a Community Health Promoter or
  • Provide 6 patients with high-quality healthcare in rural Nepal.