The Nominees for our April Experiment are Objectively Outstanding


The principles that originally drove The Charity Experiment into existence are those found within the effective altruism movement—the idea that strong evidence and careful analysis should be used to determine the very best causes to work on.

More important than concluding what these cause areas are is determining which organizations are doing the best work within these areas. More important still is the act of giving generously to these organizations in order to allow them to progress their mission.

The concept is simple:

  1. Identify the most significant sources of suffering.
  2. Determine the organizations that are most effectively reducing that source. 
  3. Provide resources to those organizations.

We leave the first two steps up to highly accredited research organizations like GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, and ImpactMatters, among others. There is certainly nuance and moral subjectivity that play a role in each potential donor's preference with regard to how you might weight the various forms of suffering, and we understand that. 

The Charity Experiment exists for you to explore where your priorities might lie and to provide you with an outlet to act on them



Without further ado, The Charity Experiment is excited to announce that 100% of our donations throughout the course of April* will be donated to one of the three following organizations.


The END Fund is dedicated to controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases (NTD's) which debilitate, blind, disfigure and cause early death to the world’s poorest people. 

Over 1.5 billion people globally are affected by one or more of the most common NTDs, including 875 million children.

GiveWell concluded that grants accounted for 72% of the END Fund's spending in 2016, program oversight/management and communications accounted for 20%, and management, general, and fundraising accounted for 8%. The END Fund's deworming initiative has earned the highest recommendation from GiveWell, offering donors "an outstanding opportunity to accomplish good with their donations."


The Humane League’s mission is to reduce the suffering of as many animals as possible, as effectively as possible. They work to reform the way farm animals are treated while also inspiring people to make more compassionate food choices.

The strategy includes hard-hitting corporate campaigns and wide-ranging outreach and education programs, supported by an extensive network of organizations, activists and supporters around the world. Uncomfortable scrolling through their Twitter feed? Good. A few quick facts:

  • 30 farm animals spared per dollar spent on campaigns.
  • 12 farm animals spared per dollar spent on online outreach.
  • 390,000 grassroots activists engaged in farm animal advocacy.

An Animal Charity Evaluators (aka the GiveWell for animal welfare) top charity since 2012, The Humane League provides "an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong programs and evidence-driven outlook." 


Working in rural African villages, Village Enterprise’s mission is to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. The model is simple and cost-effective.

The Village Enterprise one-year graduation program provides groups of three entrepreneurs with seed capital, training and on-going mentoring by a local business mentor. 

  •  In 2017, Village Enterprise trained 10,600 business owners who opened 3,500 businesses.
  • Since its founding in 1987, Village Enterprise has trained 156,200 owners who opened 39,200 businesses.
  • Graduation programs have proven to increase consumption, assets, and income, as well as improve nutrition and subjective well-being.

The ImpactMatters audit concluded that "there is strong evidence that Village Enterprise is reaching its target population, has outstanding monitoring systems and has a strong record of iterating its program based on high quality data."

Learn more about these three objectively outstanding charitable organizations here & choose the cause that most resonates with you.

It's never been this easy to commit to an extraordinarily positive habit.


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*Note: Voting for April's collection period will run through April 30 with a winner announced May 1.