Congratulations to Rosie's Place

Congratulations to Rosie's Place,
the winner of our inaugural charity experiment!


Rosie's Place received a whopping 82% of your votes and will receive 100% of our collection efforts from February and March.

The Charity Experiment is proud to support Rosie's Place in their constant effort to provide a space where women can feel safe, secure, and cared for. 

I have been aware of Rosie’s Place for many years. What they have accomplished and afforded to women is extraordinary! I have little means, so am not able to support them financially. But, I do support the mission of Rosie’s Place with all my heart.
— Charity Experiment Participant
Rosie’s Place is always my first choice for helping as this organization does so much to help the women in need of Boston.
— Charity Experiment Participant

Every year, Rosie's Place provides ~74,000 nutritionally balanced meals served in their warm and cheery dining room. Every month, 800 women choose free, non-perishable food items and fresh produce from their grocery program.

More than 500 women find safety in their emergency and short-term housing and their advocates help more than 100 women find a home of their own each month. 


Make a commitment to the most positive habit you could possibly develop:
giving to effective charitable organizations.